Kamal Shweyk

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Part-Time Lecturer of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering


  • Master's Degree, Aeronautical Engineering, University of Manchester


Kamal Shweyk has over 33 years of work experience in the aerospace industry, mostly with the McDonnell Douglas Corporation and The Boeing Company. He is considered an expert in Flight Mechanics with a focus on Aerodynamics, Stability and Control, Flight Controls, Flying/Handling Qualities, Modeling and Simulation, Flight and Wind-Tunnel Testing, and Systems Engineering and Integration. He is a Boeing Technical Fellow and an AIAA Associate Fellow. His technical knowledge includes atmospheric (subsonic & supersonic) and non-atmospheric flight regimes of military and commercial flight vehicles. His wide sphere of influence spans across industry, government, and academia (nationally and internationally). He is an active member of the AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Technical Committee, and the Large Vehicle Dynamics subcommittee. He also serves on the AIAA Orange County Section, Board of Directors.

  • Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

  • Biegler Hall of Engineering
  • 920 Downey Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089

Contact Information
  • shweyk@usc.edu


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