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Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate students must seek advisement from the Technical Director of the program. New graduate students will have undergraduate prerequisites reviewed and may be required to take remedial courses prior to enrolling in graduate courses. Student should make appointments with student services advisor well in advance of their registration appointment time. Students can make appointments by calling the SAE Student Services Advisement at 213-821-4234 or emailing
You may talk to departmental faculty if you would like advice on career paths and electives. Students are strongly encouraged to meet or otherwise communicate with the Student Services Advisor each semester. Approval of electives, prerequisite courses, or any deviation from program requirements should be sought from the Technical Director. Students may contact Student Service advisors at (213) 821- 4234 or emailing
During the first semester at USC, a program condition of admission will not prevent you from registering. Unless specified, you are expected to meet the condition within the first semester. If you cannot meet the condition, the SAE Technical Director will review the records to determine continuance in the program.
Based on our initial review, you have not satisfied the program pre-requisites listed in the Graduate Program Handbook (pdf). Upon your arrival at USC, we will make a more thorough review to determine which, if any, prerequisite courses you will need to take at USC as part of your degree program. While these pre-requisites may reduce your flexibility when choosing electives, they usually do not require a longer than normal program
In the admissions process, we determined that your undergraduate GPA or GRE scores are below the program’s minimum standards. Because you otherwise show promise, you have been admitted to the program. However, admission is conditional to your performance in the first 6 units completed at USC in your first semester. If, for some reason, you are unable to attain a GPA in excess of 3.0 in the first 6 units the program will consider remedies.
The registration system may not allow you to enroll in a particular class if you have not satisfied a prerequisite or if there is a program hold for some other reasons. The student will need to contact SAE Student Services Advisor to resolve the hold or restriction.
If a course has a “D” designated after the 5-digit class number (such as 35100D), departmental clearance (“D-clearance”) is required prior to registration. On-campus section of SAE courses do not require D-Clearance, but DEN sections do require D-Clearance. DEN students must request D-Clearance for such courses through and clicking on DEN@Viterbi Tools.

If a seat becomes available in a D-Clearance class, the student at the top of the queue is automatically notified through the student’s USC email that D-Clearance has been granted. It is then the student’s responsibility to go on Web Registration to schedule and register the cleared course.

If you fail to register within the seven days pf receiving D-Clearance, you will need to contact the GAPP office at Re-issuing the D-Clearance may put you at the bottom of the queue. No exceptions.
A master student may transfer a maximum of 7 units of graduate course work taken elsewhere before your admission to USC. The graduate coursework cannot apply to previous graduate degree. Before a transfer course can be applied towards your degree program, the course will need to be evaluated for transfer credit. You need to contact the Degree Progress in the Office Academic of Records and Registrar at (213) 740-7070 or to request a graduate transfer credit evaluation on the transcript from which the course was taken. The Degree Progress Office will determine whether the course is available for transfer credit. If it is determined the course is available for transfer, then your faculty advisor will determine whether the course applicable towards your degree program.
You are allowed to take SAE with the prior approval from your department’s academic advisor. You will need to submit your request through the Viterbi D-Clearance Request Manager, if you are a DEN student.
DEN “Limited Status” students: The DEN program will sent an email (USC email account) with registration information.

DEN “Admitted” students: The Registration Office and the DEN program will sent an email (to your USC email account) with registration information. 

The USC Schedule of Classes Registration Calendar list registration dates.

You can register for classes online at USC’s Online Registration System (WebReg). Access the system through your MyUSC Web Portal. You can also register in person at the Registrar’s One Stop Center Building (JHH Lobby).
Once you obtain permission to register for a course, on the web registration you can select your grade option to be “Audit”. Please note that audited units do not count towards the enrollment status and will not earn you degree credit. You will not be able to register for the course in future semesters and you must pay full tuition and fees when auditing.
The University gives the opportunity for students to drop a course even after the Add/Drop deadline by securing a mark of W which stands for withdrawal. You will not receive a tuition refund and will have a mark of “W” on your transcript. “W” does not affect your GPA. You may register for the course again in a future semester. Please refer to the course catalog for more details.
A minimum grade of “C” or better is required for the course to be counted towards your graduate degree.
An overall GPA of 3.0 must be maintained for all graduate level courses taken at USC.
The STARS report is a detailed listing of a student’s degree requirements that have been met and those that remain to be fulfilled (if any). It can found under OASIS. STARS reported are manually updated by your advisor. In case of any discrepancy, see your academic advisor for assistance. STARS reports are unofficial internal academic documents and are no longer accessible after a student graduates.
You can apply to Astronautical Engineering department’s Ph.D. Program. Upon admission, you will meet with SAE Director and Student Adviser to determine if you need to complete certain SAE courses before continuing with the Ph.D. program. 
You can request them online under OASIS or in person at the Registrar’s One Stop Center Building (JHH Lobby).
If you are registered in an on-campus section of a course that also includes a section delivered via at DEN@Viterbi, you will have access to the course via DEN’s course management system, including webcasts, course documents, and access to other interactive tools to communicate with your professor and other students.
Graduate students are expected to complete an Application for Graduation through the MyViterbi Portal System. The application should be delivered to your department advisor after you have registered for your last semester but BEFORE the add/drop period ends.